Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day-sunny or cloudy day

Late night, technically its not Valentine's Day anymore... however, I was able to witness a few different takes on the holiday. First, let me tell you what it means to me.

Valentine's Day is the day of love ♥♥♥... which is rather general... I take it as a day to spread love... to everyone in my life... not just the "mista" in my life, (when there is one). This year, I didn't do too much but think about how much I loved myself for once. Most of my life everyone in my life mattered more than I did. 

I was out to please everyone. I wanted to feel accepted- and wasted some time trying to please people who will never, ever  be pleased with whatever I decide to do because I have to do things my way. (My bad? puh-leeze) So, while many people without a "valentine" were sad, I was like I love myself- more than I ever have. This is a great thing because you'll see it and eventually love me more. **sly chuckle** 

To those of you who felt sad, or alone today... don't sit around feeling sad or scrooge like for whatever reason... okay, I get it, you want to shower someone with love on this special day. Cool. Here we go, this is what you should to to make sure you're ready for next year:

1. Write down things you like about yourself, especially things you know other people notice. 
2. Write down some things you possibly dislike about yourself. 
3. Write down some things you've been told people don't like about you. (I know, you think you're perfect-- I don't give a sh*t, man up and do it)
4. Write down some good stuff about yourself that people may not receive from you off the bat.

Okay- you've done that, your mission is to work on the things you dislike about yourself, look into the not so good things your network has mentioned, and make it a point to improve on them, while finding a way to get people to notice more goodness about you. 

As you realize you're more awesome than you already were, your aura will change and little mess like, America's 3rd most commercialized holiday (aka Christmas pt. 2), not geared toward celebrating one person won't have you down in the dumps trying to ruin everyone else's goodness...AND- it might land you that special someone ☺.

Now- to all my people who are in love, a relationship, or go out of your way to make sure you are never alone on this day... you've got to learn how to be considerate of us single people's feelings. Though, you want to share every detail of what went down on 2/14, here is what you should keep in mind:

If the person you called to dish with sounds aggravated when they answer the phone, be a friend and try to find out what's wrong... if its code blue 214 (aka Valentine's Blues), tell them something nice and uplifting. Hint- might not be the best time to dive into your romantic whatever right through here (NO FLY ZONE, stop it I say)

A friend of mine, recently engaged, sent me the infamous Happy V-day text. I didn't start getting messages til early evening. So- by this hour, I figured I wasn't going to get any... I only sent mine to family members. (remember I was loving ME ♥ today) She asked me what I was doing, and if I did anything today, now she knows of my current non existent love life (this is a totally different post... few posts actually), so I didn't know what the heck she was thinking. I responded to her the straight up truth, I was polishing off my large bottle of moscato leftover from Super bowl weekend, and was planning on cracking open the one I bought for my nightcap. 

Her response, "Oh my god..." <- What. is. that. about? 

It's no secret that I drink,so I was nearly perplexed. Then she asked me if I wanted to know what she did... now I was almost offended, because it was turning into a pity show for me, the single one... I thoroughly enjoyed my holiday, and my moscato (thank you verry much) And, I'm single by choice. 

So in my friendship assessment- she gets an A-, she was considerate but sympathetic without a just cause. 

And, before anyone possibly ponders, well Storm might be jealous... wooo I am so NOT. I know her, and her fiance and too much entirely about the situation... 

I'll sum it up for you, they've been together off and on for a long time, and she was patient for her man.
Love my girl to death, and my boy too... its a beautiful thing when you can watch a man grow into the man he is supposed to be.

HA! So, in this Storm's world... Valentine's day is a sunny day. Hopefully, it will be for all of you soon too. 


Storm ♥