Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Confessions of a Storm...Volume: One

I'd like to take a moment to welcome you to confessions... of a Storm...this Storm. Me. This is what will happen when I want to share, reflect, recap, vent, seek, and perhaps find... all while you're sleeping.  

I'm going to set this up for you... great day, simple, got kinda tired, then the second wind showed up after the great convo... there is nothing like a good conversation.... damn...

I've downloaded every Donell Jones album (for the ??th time) (friggin ex escaped with my music collection, and yall know...)

**Now playing,the life goes on album**

Couldn't be more fitting... life does definitely go on, and it is going on as I'm typing this... (lawda mercy) There's something about heading in a new direction, making new friends, cleaning out the closet so to speak, allowing relationships to develop as they need to. Transition. I feel really good about a lot right now, ironically in a time many on the outside would think, my life is a train wreck. Growth.  

I want to share something, the best thing you can ever, ever do for yourself is... YOU!!! I don't mean being selfish, and inconsiderate. I just mean making sure your best interest is the top priority before anyone else. This includes everyone except the babies, actually not even, cause if YOU aren't together, you won't be able to hold it together even for them. Parents: you'll have to be that much better with your time management skills.  

I'm finding my brain creating a "mental black box" as I'm typing... which is odd, seeing as I'm an open book... let's just say there is a Storm brewing... **wink** (can't tell the story-without investigating the lead)

^^^(can't leave yall hanging) one word should sum it up... captivation.

Can I talk to yall for a second? I've noticed many of you that have read, "Sincerely, Storm", thus far are friends of mine. I've received unbelievable feedback and I'm honored, and completely blown away. (This is easier than calling some of you, lol) I love you guys, I'm humbled and extremely gracious. 

I guess you're looking for a confession, like something deep, profound... thought invoking... okay. 

I'm going to describe what fuels me, especially now. Passion. It sets me free, completely. This Storm is a passionate one, if I love you, I'm going to love you hard, if I fight, I'm going to fight hard (keep in mind a lot of thought goes on before deciding to enter one of these). Passion. This is what keeps me going at the end of the day, this provides the right amount of "fuck it" to make sure bull doesn't win... ever. Passion. My drive comes from it, my new stride comes from it... Passion. The utterly raw desire to do something, and believing I can do it and love it is my passion. 

Try to derail it, and you're outta here. This. is. non-negotiable.

Coming Soon- Rules of  "Engagement", the first date.

My bed looks amazing right now. Sending shooting stars ♥ (make a wish)


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