Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rules of "Engagement" (aka: The First Date)

Tonight is extra special, as I'm typing this, the uber talented Marsha Ambrosius (formerly of Floetry) dropped a mixtape and that's what I'm listening to... sharing is caring... here you go. download here:

What are your rules of engagement? First date rules? I mean, why is the first date such a big deal? Anticipation. I think what happens on the first date will set a tone so to speak, however it shouldn't be something we practice and rehearse for. Interaction.

Keep your eye on the Storm, right through here...

Despite my very human flaw of being impatient, I've learned some things just need to occur naturally. *Epiphany taking place as I type this--despite another part of me is screaming something I'm not talking about tonight.*

I love to talk, so there would be a significant amount of conversation before I would ready to even think about a "date". What makes it a date? Honestly, cause if you're trying to be with me, you've spent time becoming my friend first and if we're chillin it's not a date... unless... we go out and something is discovered-- ah the good stuff.

The First Date: The first time two people looking to test romantic possibilities get together. No matter the venue...

Now- for me, if there has been a lot of great conversation, this could be very exciting. It usually is actually. I shared with you how passionate I am, which means I'm a feeler... what does it for me isn't what is said, but how it is said. I can feel the speaker as they speak, and you can measure their emotion attached to what they are talking about. This provides a lot of insight as to what they care about, and while I'm sitting there listening, and interacting, my brain is working and seeing what I can relate to. For relating needs to happen if there is be a relationship At this point, you're chilling, the only thing you need to do is be yourself. (If you've kept it between 100-300 during the early talks, like I've suggested before. *smile*) With me? Chill and relate, if there is something you want to know, ask... this is an extension of the interview, but since this is in person... the possibilities are... endless.

Minor confession, I'm Storm and I'm addicted to interpersonal interaction. I need it... I gotta have it...

I don't have any rules of "engagement". I can not create a set of rules to hold suitors to for a few reasons. Mainly because all suitors aren't the same, and I'll appreciate them for different reasons...

See example:

I appreciate exhibit a because he is and always has been determined to be himself, imperfections and all. (Trust me, I know. lol)
I appreciate exhibit b because of the wild combinations of contradictions he is... wait... shit... that sounds just like me... (damn girl, focus)

Both are currently in transitional stages in their lives- yet aren't getting lost in the sauce, ya dig. There is nothing like having front row seats watching a man grow... (have mercy *waves hand*)

And- as a hopeless (and I mean completely hopeless) romantic, I don't have rules because there are no rules in love. You wouldn't believe some of the ish... moving on...

If you take me out, and something happens?  It happens because we wanted it to happen, it doesn't change anything, at least it shouldn't. (this is where keeping it 300 works best)  **Warning: If you are letting everyone smash, or you're trying to smash always on the first night, you're hopeless and a slut.** Let's clear up some things. Ladies, stop treating all men the same, you want them to see them as the queen you are, but want to treat court jesters, princes, servants, and kings the same? No, boo it's not going to happen for you. If you are going to have rules, I suggest they be interchangeable based on the personality you are involving yourself with. Also- if there is a mutual chemistry (umph, umph UMPH) don't deny yourself because of a reason that doesn't involve both parties(aka your personal insecurities). If you're dealing with a REAL man, he's not going to think any less of you because you blew each other away and just had to experience the complete package. We must be confident in ALL our actions, and yes even the unorthodox ones. The men get a pass here, because they tend to be attracted to women who stand out naturally in a situation, so they tend not to treat us all the same. (Fellas, don't be afraid to leave the sis some cool points in the comment box) *shameless plug*

What are your rules of engagement, how many waves need to crash before you'll let them ride the wave? Or do you let the seas swirl with the atmosphere until there is a Category 5 on the horizon?

I'll share this last tidbit... I'm no weather girl... but in my forecast something is stirring these waters... for my personal sanity, if this gets to a Category 5... call the Storm Watchers, they'll know what to do... I on the other hand, *sigh* for the first time ever, not so much.

Until next time.

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  1. There is definitely a number of people I know as well as you who should read this entry. I find myself thinking of the way I am and how to improve it to hopefully be a better person as well as find a person. Kudos!


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