Monday, April 5, 2010

The makings of this Storm...

...are the situations in my life that ultimately contribute to me being me. I hope all of you are absolutely wonderful by the way.**wink** Quick recap live from Storm's world: I'm closing a rehabilitative chapter in my life, and finally (yes, finally) entering what I like to call Phase 2 in life. The stage where everything that goes on now, shapes the future. I've had some dreams, goals and aspirations and I can now say the ball is rolling in the right direction. I am relocating (again) to where, honestly, my heart has been the entire time. Home. 

The main thing I hate about moving is saying goodbye of course. I almost cry every time! It's as if every memory rushes like blood to the front of my brain and replays with enhanced emotions right before my eyes, and it just destroys me. You know how your mom used to let you bring one toy with you, and you'd struggle to decide OR try to take them all? Ha! That's how I am with my friends, and I'm rather close with most of you guys so it really is hard to leave. Unfortunately for many of my friends, they know what I'm talking about and this isn't the first time I've left or returned.

I tell ya what, I'm staying in place for a decent amount of time due to plans I've already made. (I know, some of you all are shaking your head) I will... cause there is a comfort level in stability that I've had to re-establish in my life, and I know where they are now... so I won't tamper with what must just be.

I am very excited, and going into this next life phase with my mental in order, complete and absolute order. (Iron clad!!!!!!!!) It feels amazing. My chop-a-ho scissors are still out though... just incase I've missed a few snakes in the grass, ya dig? Though there's been some Andrew's and Katrina's in my life... I don't regret any of it, because you learn to ask why is this happening, and you look forward to seeing the bigger picture. Clearly, the world is too large to think life as a human will be black and white, cut and dry. It simply isn't going to happen... but I do believe you can come up for with a decent idea of what you want your life to be and take it from there. I guess that's called taking control... to often do we decide to be a victim of circumstance. I know life happens, and something really are unexpected, when that happens, respond accordingly, and move on.

Getting to this point leaves me feeling energized beyond belief, grateful for all you special people, humble, satisfied-yet still hungry (ambitious)... and pretty much at a very high point of inner peace. (I feel like I'm standing at the top of a mountain overlooking some insane view, who wants to go?)

I love spreading sunshine, hopefully there's enough in your forecast.

I'm not going to go on too long here, but here's what to expect in the near future... Confessions of a Storm, vol.2 **laughs** My iPod's shuffle mode is kicking my ass right now. hahaha!! (in other words, saying what I want to say, but definitely won't in this next blog entry.) I'll say enough, just enough to get your waters churning with thought. Trust me!

In the meantime, if there is anything you want to know about me, or have a topic you would want me or possibly a guest writer to blog about... feel free to leave a comment or email me here:

I normally don't do this but- I gotta give a HUGE shoutout to the following:
Dizzle the Great! You're the greatest a friend a girl could ever ask for!! <3
Ray-Ray!! The adventures shall continue! I really want the cartoon drawn for the Adventures of Ray-Ray & Fizzle (well Auntie Fizzle lol)
Sis- Are you really ready for this? I mean really ready? lol There is no turning back at this point, and umm if u running I need to know now! (lmao) they.are.not.ready. **warning**
Neo- (yes, from the Matrix, lol) Thanks for always being you, it's extremely appreciated... and rather refreshing. You need to hold a clinic and take these fools to school... smh!



  1. In life we are giving choices and decisions and you have had to make the most hardest ones. I have told you things happen for a reason. You have see what family I have and what it means to be a family. They invited you in with open arms and treated you with the UTTT most respect. :) I'm thankful with all my heart that you were able to spend a year and a half with me and you are back on track. You have your dream ahead of you! YOUR DREAM!!! This is amazing. I've also told you that good things will happen to those who wait. You have been through a lot and this is why, so you can enjoy all this glory you are about to get, and to also tell all those people who didn't believe you to suck an egg. LOVE you and will miss you and yes I will visit!!!

  2. Ok so I apparently didn't proof read my words! Ya'll know what I meant to say lol


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