Monday, March 29, 2010

When it rains, it pours...'s true...however, I've learned to expect the unexpected... so many things don't shock me anymore. I've recently had a bunch of relationships take a new shape. Also, I've had to completely sever ties with dead weight relationships, and I'm not finished... you can't be a priority in my life if I'm a mere option in yours. It's 2010, and to be frank, I ain't fucking around. *Jordan shrug* Why you ask?

Because I've taken the time in my life to do me, make improvements, and get in touch with my Star* Player to make sure what YOU get is an accurate representation of  me. No bullshit, no gimmicks, no false advertisement, (whack ass game I expect you to fall for). During this time, I've been able to set some standards, and control my emotions... notice I didn't say rules...I don't play by the rules, so I don't expect you to... all clients are seen on a case by case basis, yup I'm a doctor, you can trust me. *cracks up*

I've learned to appreciate the thunderstorms...

Sidenote: many catastrophic storms are tracked and most often seen before they hit, I pay attention, and check my weather forecasts regularly. Do you?

...if I have to endure some rainy days, and cloudy skies for the sunshine I love too much... I'm going to do it. I'll complain, get mad, and maybe cry- but the end result will always be growth... once you accept that something good can always come out of something bad... the possibilities are endless. ☺

Raindrops for thought...

I'm in a place in life where I'm not going to get caught up in what is or isn't... I appreciate the concept of possibility. They are endless naturally, if you just let them be. When you meet me, that's all I'm going to let them be. I'll take it a day at a time and ultimately you will decide what role you play in my life or vice versa... believe me, there are people right now who will read this and shake their head because they had to find out the hard way... or, they just don't know what to expect anymore. (personal satisfaction is oozing right now)

Just be honest, you know what... ugh! Demanding honesty isn't enough anymore... I can keep it 300 all day, but I'm finding many of you aren't ready for it... I dumb it down and give you 150, cause you aren't ready for 151 (yup like that Bacardi)-300. **record scratch** [if I have to dumb it down for you, this probably isn't going to work so... snip, snip] I'm just trying to enjoy life and make the best of it. You know, kick it with people who mean the world to me, maybe bust a two-step on some cruise ships, you know the good life. You think I wanna be two stepping with scumbags and scalawags on the cruise ships?? Nah, son. I'm good. (lol)

Lightening strike...BOOM!(take notes here)
Women lie, Men lie... but there is a simple equation to live by... your actions MUST = your words, or you ain't saying shit, and really should just shut up. (I won't listen, trust me) I've set my standards, and they won't be waived for anyone because they have some of what is being asked of them. Some and sum are two different things, and I'm looking for the sum that is the equation of  parts making a whole...

Some things I value too much to be dealing with the "< me's" (less than's if you forgot lol) : **in no particular order**
MYSELF-oh yea I know what I'm working with, bringing to the table, etc.
My time- I can't get it back, and if I'm wasting it, I'm not giving it to the right people.
My trust-break it, and let me tell you... it's WURK to get it back.(very good reasons for this)
And of course my heart- *takes it out, checks and puts back in treasure chest*

Now playing Chess, the life edition... protect the queen at all costs. It's just not smart to use your heart as bait hoping (sigh) to hook what you want in relationships with people (all levels, FAMILY INCLUDED).

Remember that water stirring I was talking about... (lawd) the water is getting warmer, and the water is beginning to flow rapidly... oh the possibilities. I'm so free... I'm so high.. I ain't ever coming down... on this thing we call life...

When it rains, it pours... but there's still room under my umbrella (ella, ella, eh) and it does stop raining eventually. ♥♥♥


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